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Vintage-Cabin-1-interior1.jpg Vintage-Cabin-1-interior2.jpg Vintage-Cabin-1-interior3.jpg Vintage-Cabin-1-interior5.jpg
Vintage-Cabin-1-interior6.jpg Vintage-Cabin-1-interior7.jpg Vintage-Cabin-1-interior8.jpg  

Vintage-Cabin-2-interior1.jpg Vintage-Cabin-2-interior2.jpg Vintage-Cabin-2-interior4.jpg Vintage-Cabin-2-interior5.jpg
Vintage-Cabin-2-interior7.jpg Vintage-Cabin-2-interiors00.jpg Vintage-large-cabin-2-int1.jpg  

Around the Lake
Lake-on-tube[1036].jpg Lake-wading.jpg Laketimes-together.jpg Fishing-Derby-catch-june04.jpg
Blue-lake-and-Mt.jpg Fall-at-the-Lake.jpg Forecast-at-the-Lake---FUN.jpg Scuba-Divers-enjoying-outst.jpg
chipmonk_0441_dc.jpg chipmonk_0450_by_carter copy.jpg duck_1242_dc.jpg frog_0550_dc.jpg
seadoo_1100_dc.jpg snorkler_1084_dc.jpg    

About This Resort
low_resort.jpg general_store.jpg sailboat.jpg jet_ski.jpg

Marina Grill Dining
DSC00032.jpg Picnic-at-Marina-Grill.jpg    

cabin_bedroom.jpg cabin_in_snow.jpg cabin_kitchen.jpg cabin_bed2.jpg
Cabin-interior.jpg 4 cabins shot.JPG Cabin-Kitchen.jpg Evening-at-the-lake.jpg
New-hottubs-at-the-resort.jpg Geo-Surfer.jpg    

RV Sites

marina1.jpg girl_dog.jpg Canoeing.jpg sunfish-2.jpg
fishing.jpg holding_fish.jpg snowmobilers.jpg shirts.jpg

General Store
general_store.jpg Gumball-Machune.jpg puppies-in-a-basket.jpg raggetty-anns.jpg

fishing.jpg holding_fish.jpg sailboat.jpg snowmobilers.jpg
Geo-Surfer.jpg jet_ski.jpg    

fishing.jpg holding_fish.jpg Father-and-son.jpg Lake-Big-FISH!.jpg
MARINA-PIX-JUNE010003.jpg MARINA-PIX-JUNE010005.jpg 100_1466.JPG 100_1464.JPG
100_1460.JPG Deboer Grandson.jpg 100_1470.JPG Lake_Of_The_Woods_Map_11-17-10.jpg

SO Wineries
winery4.jpg winery5.jpg    


shakespeare[7041].jpg osf1.jpg osf2.jpg osf3.jpg

Ashland Springs Hotel
ash_hotel.jpg ash_lobby.jpg confroom.jpg wideangle.jpg

Cabins: 9a, 9b, 10, 11
cabin-9a-9b-10-11-int2.jpg cabin-9a-9b-10-11-int3.jpg cabin-9a-9b-10-11-int5.jpg  

Cabins: 17, 18
Cabin-17-&-18-Pics0001.jpg Cabin-17-&-18-Pics0002.jpg Cabin-17-&-18-Pics0003.jpg Cabin-17-&-18-Pics0007.jpg
Cabin-17-&-18-pics20001.jpg Cabin-17-&-18-pics20002.jpg Cabin-17-&-18-pics20003.jpg Cabin-17-&-18-pics20004.jpg
Cabin-17-&-18-pics20005.jpg Cabin-17-&-18-pics20006.jpg    

Cabins: 20, 21, 22, 24
Cabin-20-21-22-&-24.jpg Cabin-20,21,22,24-int1.jpg Cabin-20,21,22,24-int2.jpg Cabin-20,21,22,24-int3.jpg
Cabin-20,21,22,24-int7.jpg Cabin-20,21,22,24-int9.jpg Cabin-20,21,22,24-int10.jpg cabin-21-21-22-24-int7.jpg
exterior-winter-24.jpg cabin_in_snow.jpg    

Cabins: 23, 25, 26
Cabin-23,25,26-int1.jpg Cabin-23,25,26-int3.jpg Cabin-23,25,26-int4.jpg Cabin-23,25,26-int5.jpg
Cabin-23,25,26-int6.jpg Cabin-23,25,26-int7.jpg Cabin-23,25,26-int8.jpg exterior-winter25.jpg

At the Resort
Wedding-at-Lake-in-sepia.jpg Girls-at-the-lake.jpg Lake-Ralph-and-Nora.jpg Rediscovering-another-time.jpg
Moms Birthday at the Lake.JPG Our New Marina.JPG A good days catch.JPG From the middle of the lake.JPG
A great place to ride to.JPG exterior-winter-24[1].jpg Mans Best friend at home on the lake.JPG Our Marina.JPG

Summer BBQ, Band, Bonfire
Lake-Band.jpg Saturday-Night-bonfire-for-.jpg    

Rates & Rentals
biking.jpg Crosscountry-skiers-at-lake.jpg Lake-boats.jpg lake-canoes.jpg
Lake-pedal-Charles-and-Kier.jpg Patio-Boat.jpg Snowshoes-available.jpg  

Crater Lake
crater1.JPG crater3.jpg crater4.jpg  

Lodge Dining

Lake-Band.jpg low_laketimes.jpg Canoeing.jpg sunfish-2.jpg
jet_ski.jpg biking.jpg resort_cabins.jpg girl_dog.jpg

209_20060317_17642d85b793c0f.jpg 209_20060317_fbeb8df60f7fcb2.jpg 209_20060317_9f740aefe7b184c.jpg 209_20060317_6cfaae04b2a2e5.jpg

b5731.jpg CedarWaxWings30.jpg tsb4265.jpg tsb4564.jpg

crater_lake_aerial.jpg Lake Harriett from the rim above.JPG Lake Harriett.JPG Rugged interior of Mt Lakes Wilderness.JPG
Summitt Aspen Butte.JPG Highest Point in Mt Lakes.JPG Aspen Butte  & little Aspen.JPG Mt Mcgloughlin from Aspen Butte.JPG
The Heart of Mt Lakes Wilderness.JPG      

Cabins 3 4 5 6 7
Cab 6 thumb.JPG CAB 7 THUMB.JPG Cabin 5 Thumb.jpg Cab 5&6 Fireplace.JPG
100_0615.JPG 100_0606.JPG Cab 7 Hot Tub.JPG Cabin 7 kitchenette.JPG

Winter in the Southern Oregon Cascades
snowmobilers.jpg 100_0089.JPG My Pictures0003.jpg Looking west from Pelican Butte Summit.JPG
Mt Lakes Wilderness from the North.JPG Looking North From Top of Pelican Butte.JPG KBSD SnoCat at the Top of Pelican Butte.JPG Dead Indian Memorial Rd.JPG
A Curiosity.JPG Clearing our access road.JPG Rye Spure area[6261].JPG Snow trails.jpg
Mt Mcgloughlin.JPG Grooming to the top of Pelican Butte.JPG 100_0174.JPG My Pictures0002.jpg

Cabin 15
Common Room - Cabin 15.JPG Loft Area Cabin 15.JPG Table Front Room Cabin 15.JPG Kitchen Area - Cabin 15.JPG
Fire place Cabin 15.JPG Bathroom - Cabin 15.JPG Before Back Bedroom.JPG  

Cabin 16
loftkit[4583].jpg newbath.jpg bedroom.jpg 16_exterior.jpg
newkitchen.jpg livingMud.jpg loft2.jpg  

Cabin 14
Lake of the Woods 2010 cabin front.jpg Lake of the Woods 2010 cabin. interior.jpg Lake of the Woods 2010 cabin.bedroom.jpg Lake of the Woods 2010
Lake of the Woods 2010 Lake of the Woods 2010 cabin.outside deck view.jpg Lake of the Woods 2010 cabin.porch.jpg Lake of the Woods 2010 cabin.view to lake.jpg

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